Selling Tips

Deciding to sell your home or investment property can be an overwhelming process. But with good planning and preparation, it can be a smooth and easy transition. To help with this process, we have some advice to help you.

Method of Sale

  • Private Sale
    Where the property sale through the process of negotiation. A property may be marketed ‘for sale at a price’ which makes the price the vendor seeking clea to potential purchasers which are not available where the property is sold by auction.
  • Public Auction
    Where a potential purchasers compete against each other, with the property being sold to the highest bidder with acceptable price to the vendor. A good and skilled auctioneer may give you a highest possible result. The time frame to do marketing for sale by Auction is approximately 4 weeks and advertised for a specified date, time and place.
  • Sale by Tender
    Where the property advertised without a specific price. Prospective purchasers are encouraged to put their best offer in writing by a specific time and date. The highest and most suitable offer acceptable to the vendor obtains the property, subject to reserve price.

Each method has its own advantages. Please contact us to discuss further.

Prepare Your House

Every seller wants their property to sell quickly at the highest price possible. How does it happen? Through preparation.

  1. Bring out the light: Increasing the amount of a light in a room will make it look bigger as well as bring a more positive impression to the house. Keep blinds up and curtains open. You can even increase the wattage of any lightbulbs to make it brighter.
  2. Reorganize the closets: Keep the closets at half capacity to increase the appearance of size. Potential buyers will definitely be snooping through all the cupboards as well. Have like dishes stacked neatly, spices alphabetized, and shoes lined up.
  3. Remove any keepsakes: If your lamp is a family heirloom, take it out before starting to show your house. If a potential buyer never sees it, he won’t insist on it staying in the house to cut a deal.
  4. Repaint where needed: If your rooms have an unusual color, consider repainting them to white. This gives prospective buyers a blank canvas to be able to envision the house being custom to them.
  5. Repair where needed: Fix the things that you have been putting off, like broken tiles, leaking faucets, holes in the walls, and burnt out light bulbs.
  6. Clean, clean, clean! Your house needs to sparkle and shine to be competitive. Polish the faucets and mirrors, clean out your refrigerator, and get to that dusting you have been putting off.
  7. Check outside: What is your first impression when approaching your house? Do you need to cut the grass? Plant flower? Replace a broken bird bath? Keep the outside tidy as well, removing any leaves or debris that may be littering the sidewalk.
  8. Compare prices: How are the prices of nearby houses? You don’t need yours to be the cheapest on the block, but you also do not want to be priced out of the going rate for the area. Consulting with real estate professionals will be the safest bet when setting the price.
  9. Hide animals: Not everyone is an animal lover. Dogs and cats will need to be both absent in presence and smell. Have your rugs shampooed with a shampoo designed to remove pet smells.
  10. Depersonalize: Remove memorabilia and keepsakes. This will give potential buyers to the possibility of seeing themselves in your house, if they don’t see you in it. Give the house the best showcase to show the possibility of use, but take your personality out of it.

 Selling Process Checklist

  • Make the best presentation external and internal of your property before photo session for the advertising and also when on inspection day
  • Make a checklist, what you want to include in the sale and what you want to remove. This details need to be included on the Contract of Sale
  • If the property still under lease, please check with your managing agent, when is the lease expire and advise your solicitor or conveyance
  • Contact your solicitor or conveyance to prepare a Contract of Sale (Section 32). This is a legal and binding document which we need to provide to the prospective purchasers before they signed the Contract of Sale